Enviro FWA: Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance And Repair Services

Commercial refrigeration or freezer units in cafes, bars, and restaurants need to run efficiently 365+ days a year. Enviro FWA’s refrigeration maintenance services can keep your business cool in 2020.


When running a restaurant or commercial catering business, the ownership, servicing, and repair of your refrigeration units is essential. Whether you are looking to maintain your refrigeration or freezer unit, it is vital that these units are in working order every day.

The costs linked to the refrigeration maintenance and servicing of these units is little in comparison to the damage their failure can cause to a restaurant’s premises, profits, and prestige. Enviro FWA are market-leaders in Northern Ireland’s refrigeration services sector. With multiple clients spanning the length and breadth of Northern and Southern Ireland, we have proven expertise in commercial refrigeration servicing and repair.

There are multiple benefits to the maintenance of a catering establishment’s hardware, such as extractor fans and air-con or refrigeration servicing. We have a dedicated team of engineers who are trained to the highest standards within the industry. By arranging for Enviro FWA to service and maintain your refrigeration and freezer units, your commercial kitchen’s reputation will stay cool in 2020.

Read our blog to see the local refrigeration maintenance services Enviro FWA can provide for you and your kitchen or restaurant in the New Year.

Enviro FWA Refrigeration Service Repair

Enviro FWA service and repair refrigerators and freezers of all shapes and sizes.

Do I Need Enviro FWA’s Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance?

There is no doubt that any commercial kitchen and restaurant will have multiple pieces of refrigeration and freezer equipment that provide you with a vital service that can be taken for granted. These units work tirelessly, day-after-day, keeping the food and drinks that your establishment aims to serve to clients and paying customers over many breakfast, lunch, and dinner services.

With stress already high at times within a busy kitchen, any head chef needs to ensure that their chilling cabinets and freezers are in full, working order. They do not only maintain the constant, safe refrigeration temperature of the foods to be cooked within the kitchen; they also:


  • Impact On Kitchen Productivity

If the temperature of the food being stored within the fridge or freezer is too high or low, it can mean that food would need to be thawed or thrown out. This can in turn lead to food safety risks for consumers within the restaurant, bar, or deli.

The loss of a kitchen’s produce would undoubtedly lead to a rise in operating costs and, in turn, loss of the establishment’s reputation as food would need to be taken off the menu or be of a lesser quality.


  • Cause A Rise In Energy Costs 

Any electrical device that is not running efficiently could cost a business more in electricity.

For your company to keep costs as low as possible, all electrical appliances must run as efficiently as possible. With refrigeration units, as these large devices run all day, this cannot be understated. If a kitchen has multiple unmaintained fridges and freezers, this can add up to a significant amount at the end of a financial year.

If these units are neglected further, they will ultimately need to be replaced. As a commercial kitchen manager or owner, you could face hefty costs when replacing multiple units that could have been maintained by Enviro FWA for a fraction of the price.


  • Can Be A Danger Within Any Restaurant 

When working in any commercial kitchen, the need to serve the highest quality food 365+ days a year is critical to the establishment’s success. 

However, the need to serve food that is also safe to eat is more important. The Food Standards Agency and health inspectors regularly visit cafes and restaurants across the country to ensure their hygiene is to the highest level. There is no room for manoeuvre when it comes to ensuring the safety of customers consuming food within a commercial restaurant or catering business.

Also, in relation to your kitchen staff, it is essential to make sure that all equipment that is used for cooking and storing food is maintained to prevent injury. 

The points outlined above are a few of many reasons why any commercial kitchen should use Enviro FWA’s Refrigeration servicing and repair packages. With a team like Enviro FWA on your side, you will meet and surpass any regulatory and FSA requirements linked to your cafe or restaurant’s fridges, chillers, or freezers.

enviro fwa maintenance services belfast northern ireland kitchen deep clean

At Enviro FWA, we provide a local refrigeration repair and maintenance service. That means our mobile team can get to you ASAP.


Enviro FWA: The Positives Our Local Refrigeration Maintenance Services

As the subtitle states, we are local. By being local, Enviro FWA have established and continue to grow links with local businesses across Northern and Southern Ireland. Whether your commercial kitchen is in Belfast, Lisburn, Newry, Derry, or Enniskillen, our mobile team of engineers will be able to cater to your kitchen’s refrigeration needs.

By calling Enviro FWA, you will be in partnership with one of the country’s leading maintenance contractors with experience across a multitude of sector. In relation to your kitchen, Enviro FWA can service, repair, or maintain:

  • Fruit & veg units,
  • Display cabinets,
  • Cold stores,
  • Chilled rooms,
  • Blast freezers,
  • Ice machines,
  • Hot & cold serve overs,
  • Bar coolers,
  • Water chillers, and,
  • Dairy cabinets.

It doesn’t matter what type of food or beverage refrigeration units you have. We can make sure it is in full working order. 

Enviro FWA Kitchen Refrigerator Service Maintenance Belfast

By calling our dedicated team at Enviro FWA, we can help your commercial kitchen to run smoothly for staff as well as paying customers.


The FWA-Team

The Enviro FWA’s team of dedicated service engineers have seen it all before. The years of experience our mobile engineers have earned over the years is second to none.  

The team can come out to view your kitchen and chilled rooms to generate a bespoke quotation for your commercial refrigeration maintenance package. We are proud of the links and the service we provide for our clients in the multiple areas we service and repair. Part of this service includes keeping jobs tailor made to the company we are working with.

In the modern economy, every business is unique and have varying needs and requirements to ensure they maintain the high standards expected by clients, customers, and diners. With our mission to quote every business happy with a bespoke quotation, you can be sure that your commercial restaurant, cafe, or catering business are getting a price just for you.


When it comes to owning a restaurant or commercial catering business, you must keep costs down and ensure that everything under your roof is working efficiently. With the new year about to get underway, it is best to start the year as you mean to go on. That may include a kitchen deep clean, extractor fan replacement, or commercial refrigeration service from Enviro FWA.

Our dedicated team of mobile engineers are trained to the highest standards and have the skills to service or maintain any fridge or freezer your kitchen may have. Why not arrange a call for Enviro FWA to service, repair, or maintain your refrigeration and freezer units today? Your commercial kitchen’s reputation is in safe hands with the expert team at Enviro FWA.


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