Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting in a Commercial Premises

Emergency lighting is a vital component of any building’s fire safety provisions, yet it is often overlooked. It plays a critical role in providing illumination during an emergency when the main power supply is cut or fails. The primary purpose of emergency lighting is to guide all occupants safely towards the nearest exit and facilitate a swift and secure evacuation.

For owners of commercial premises in Northern Ireland & Ireland, ensuring the proper functioning of emergency lighting systems is crucial. Safety legislation in the UK mandates that emergency lighting must undergo a full test at least once a year. This requirement exists to guarantee that the emergency lighting systems are operational and meet the necessary safety standards.

Emergency lighting is part of the Fire Safety provision of a building but can often be overlooked.

It is used in an emergency when the main power supply is cut or fails. Its purpose is to guide all occupants to evacuate the premises safely.

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How often should you test Emergency Lighting?

UK safety legislation stipulates that emergency lighting must undergo a full test once a year.

In addition to the annual full test, monthly functional testing of emergency lighting systems is highly recommended.

Our expert technicians possess the necessary knowledge and experience to assess and test your emergency lighting systems thoroughly. We provide comprehensive services that meet regulatory requirements, giving you confidence in the safety of your commercial premises.

Contact Enviro Fire Water & Air Limited today to schedule your emergency lighting testing and maintenance. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in ensuring the reliability and functionality of your emergency lighting systems. With our services, you can create a safer environment for occupants and meet your legal obligations effectively.

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