Legionella – Remedial Works

Enviro Fire Water & Air Limited can carry out any legionella remedial works that have been identified during a L8 Legionella Risk Assessment. 

The most common cause of legionnaire’s disease is produced by man-made water systems such as; Hot and cold water systems, cooling towers and spa pools.

Our legionella Bacteria Control Experts can implement a pre-planned maintenance schedule for your business premises by providing frequent onsite visits when applicable to ensure the water treatment system is not affected by any bacteria growth mainly within stagnant water outlets and water temperatures not meeting requirements. 


We will ensure Legionella checks are carried out on the below in your premises:

  • Temperature checks – water temperatures are between 20-45°C
  • Spray nozzles and aerosols are cleaned and descaled reducing the risk of spread in droplets.
  • Storage tanks and recirculating water units are serviced
  • Water outlets that are likely to contain any bacteria growth such as; limescale, sludge, rust and any organic matter or biofilms

We can offer Legionella bacteria control services across Northern Ireland & Ireland including areas such as; Belfast, Newry, Ballymena, Dublin, Monaghan and Louth

If you require any legionella remedials carried out, get in contact with our team today​