Enviro Fire Water & Air based in Northern Ireland can supply, install, and repair your commercial kitchen extraction system. Based on the cooking equipment needed for your premises, we can advise on the size of canopy required, types of filtration, sizes and lengths of ductwork, fan size based on flowrates, and if any odour or noise control issues need addressed.

From time to time the need for a commercial kitchen can face problems such as planning issues, listed building requirements and limitations on extraction routes for ducting. In this case we can install a state-of-the-art recirculation extraction system. 

Our revolutionary recirculation unit extracts the fumes, grease, smoke, and odour into our bespoke filtration tower. The Extracted air passes through 8 forms of filtration, then exits through the front of the canopy back into the kitchen space via various grille option, fully filtered. We can even site the tower remotely if space is an issue in the cook line

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