Solar Photovoltaics (PV) is becoming increasingly popular across the world. It enables businesses to reduce carbon emissions and energy spend significantly

Solar PV advantages are:

  • Solar power does not produce harmful C02 emissions
  • Minimises the reliance on the grid
  • Protects energy bills against increases

One of our experienced solar PV engineers can work with you to assess your property and in turn determine your energy needs and the suitability of your premises for Solar PV.

We will then follow up with a system design and solar PV quotation for a suitable system. This will provide you with all the information you will need to determine if Solar PV is for you.

We have three payment options...

Outright Purchase

  • If in position to purchase upfront

Asset Finance

  • Businesses trading for 36+ months can apply for finance with loan terms available to suit your needs

Power Purchase Agreement

  • Specific funding allowing you to install with no upfront costs. Energy costs will be fixed for a typical period of 25years (rising only with inflation). Full maintenance and insurance cover provided for the term of the contract

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