Start 2020 With A Kitchen Deep Clean From Enviro FWA

With a busy festive period passing, your restaurant could benefit from a kitchen deep clean. Here’s now Enviro FWA could help.

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With a busy Christmas & holiday period, could your restaurant kitchen benefit from an Enviro FWA deep clean? Read on to learn about our services.

The festive period has just been and gone. So many businesses have celebrated a successful year at your restaurant for their annual Christmas night out. With so many customers enjoying the food at your restaurant, now could be a good time to invest in a specialist kitchen deep clean from Enviro FWA.

Chefs and restaurant owners know the importance of keeping the areas where food is prepared clean and hygienic at all times. When it comes to food preparation and the standards expected from Environmental Health, there can be severe repercussions for kitchens and restaurants who let hygiene standards slip.

At Enviro FWA, we are specialists in kitchen deep cleans in the catering industry.  We have worked alongside clients in the restaurant and catering industry for many years in areas like Belfast, Newry, Derry, and Lisburn. With many long-term business relationships spanning across Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the UK, we have a reputation that is second to none.

At Enviro FWA, our very own unique service is market-leading and are available to work with your company ahead of the New Year. Please read our article on kitchen deep cleaning services to see how we can work together to ensure that your restaurant, kitchen, or deli goes into 2020 with a clean bill of health.

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The specialist kitchen deep clean staff are industry experts and have worked with clients in the catering industry all across the NI and the south of Ireland.

What Is A Kitchen Deep Clean?

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Enviro FWA are market leaders in kitchen deep cleans.

After a busy festive period in the kitchen, there is no doubt that excess grease and cooking deposits can build up. These can dangerous in relation to fire and provide a hygiene risk for staff as well as diners.

By using a firm, like Enviro FWA, you can be guaranteed a high standard of service that uses fully-mobile, ultrasonic cleaning equipment. This cleaning equipment is unique to Enviro FWA, and none of our competitors currently use this technology in Ireland.

Working with multiple clients across Northern Ireland and Ireland, our expert engineers can ensure that the following kitchen areas are cleaned thoroughly:

  • Overall kitchen structure – areas including ceilings, walls, vents and floors,
  • Ovens – both gas and electric,
  • Combi and steam ovens,
  • Grills and char-grills,
  • Griddle plates,
  • Bain-marie hot cupboards,
  • Deep fat fryers,
  • Walk-in refrigerators and standard fridges or freezers,
  • All hot and cold food preparation areas,
  • Cleaning of any other equipment that falls within the kitchen or adjoining areas.

As the kitchen is regularly deemed to be the ‘engine room’ of any restaurant or catering establishment, it must be kept up to a high standard of cleanliness. When you call Enviro FWA to clean your kitchen, you can be safe in the knowledge that your kitchen is cleaned to the highest of hygiene standards that will meet and surpass those required by Environmental Health.

What Are The Benefits Of A Kitchen Deep Clean?

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Ensure that your kitchen’s high-standards meet and exceed the hygiene standards set by Environmental Health in 2020.

The benefits of arranging a kitchen deep clean with Enviro FWA are wide-ranging. As one of the market-leaders in providing maintenance services for clients in Belfast, Newry, Lisburn, Derry, and Ballymena, we can guarantee a first-class service as well as a cost-effective approach.

When our dedicated engineers give your kitchen an expert deep clean, the benefits include:

  • Avoid the danger of prosecution over health and safety violations. Violations like these could result in tens of thousands of pounds in compensation, fines and legal fees,
  • Create an area with higher operating conditions. These would guard your staff and limit your liability if there were to be an injury,
  • Significantly scale back the chance of microorganism contamination in your kitchen,
  • Reduce the chance of infestation due to pests or rodents,
  • Maintain the image and name of your business,
  • Pass an inspection with Environmental Health officers and take pride in the five-star review displayed on your door or restaurant website.

It is clear that after such a busy festive period, multiple kitchens across Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the UK, could benefit from Enviro FWA’s deep cleaning service for kitchens. Let our team take the stress out of your kitchen deep clean by arranging a free quotation today.

What Packages Are Available?

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Call Enviro FWA to arrange a deep clean for your kitchen today.

Enviro FWA’s kitchen deep cleaning services offer all of our clients the highest quality of service to ensure that your kitchen’s hygiene is completed to industry-leading standards.

When considering a deep clean for your kitchen, whether your company is in the North or South Ireland, we recommend that you call our offices in Warrenpoint, to arrange a free quotation today.

When arranging a deep clean for your kitchen, our staff provide bespoke free quotations for each kitchen they inspect. This is to ensure that your company gets the best value as well as taking into consideration the size and scale of the area to be cleaned.

Our highly-trained engineers:

  • Call out to your business, at a convenient time, to inspect the area,
  • Compose a list of recommendations and areas to be cleaned,
  • Produce a quote based on the specific area and areas that were detailed in the recommendations, and,
  • Return at a convenient time to deep clean the kitchen to Enviro FWA’s industry-leading standards.

By tailoring the kitchen deep clean package to suit your business’ needs, we know that the service you will receive will be cost-effective and surpass the standards expected by Environmental Health.

Arrange a free quotation today and let’s get your kitchen deep cleaned for a busy 2020.

Enviro FWA: Kitchen Deep Clean Specialists

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Enviro FWA are specialists in maintenance services for everything fire, water, and air related. Contact our team today to see why we lead the way.

At Enviro FWA, we do not doubt that our kitchen deep clean service will put an extra shine on your professional kitchen or restaurant. By leaving the kitchen’s first deep clean of 2020 in our staff’s specialist hands, you can rest assured that your kitchen has been cleaned to exceed the required standards expected by Environmental Health.

When we engage with professionals in the catering and hospitality sectors, we understand that your food preparation areas are the engine room of your business. Our team firmly believe in the Enviro FWA ethos, which is to develop and maintain strong professional relationships with all of our clients. There is no doubt that our team will ensure your kitchen deep clean is carried out to industry-leading standards. This excellent service will make you come back to Enviro FWA to forge a long-lasting, working relationship into 2020 and beyond.

Call our offices to arrange a free quote for your first kitchen deep clean of 2020. Our staff and highly-trained team of engineers are on hand to take your call and help your kitchen or restaurant start the New Year with a clean bill of health.