Extractor Fan Repair, Replacement, & Installation

Enviro FWA are specialists in extractor fan replacement, installation & repair. When looking for kitchen maintenance, consider Enviro FWA in 2020.

enviro fwa extractor fan installation and replacement belfast northern ireland

Enviro FWA are specialists in extractor fan installation, replacement, and maintenance. You are always in safe hands with our engineers.

In a busy catering or hospitality environment, a kitchen can run into issues with their extractor fan. Whether it is due to neglect, mechanical fault, or high levels of use, a kitchen’s extractor fan may need to be maintained, repaired, or replaced entirely.

For your kitchen’s extractor fan effectively remove grease, smoke, or water vapour from the air, your kitchen extraction system needs to work efficiently. With a well-maintained extractor fan system in your restaurant’s kitchen, you will put off costly repair or replacement bills that will undoubtedly come as a result of neglect.

At Enviro FWA, we specialise in extractor fan replacement, repair, and maintenance. We are proud of our company’s reputation across all of the fire, water, and air maintenance services we provide across the North and South of Ireland. Read on to see why our team of skilled engineers should be your first choice in 2020.

enviro fwa extractor fan installation and replacement belfast northern ireland

This is an image taken of a kitchen extractor fan before Enviro FWA’s specialist engineers cleaned and maintained the unit. Read on to see the final result.

What Causes Extractor Fan Damage?

After busy periods in a restaurant or cafe’s kitchen, the extractor fan will undoubtedly have more usage. With the extra amounts of use, grease, smoke, and water vapour, the extractor unit with naturally gather more debris. It is this debris that can cause excess wear and tear on moving parts as well as dirt and grime to clog up the unit itself.

As a head chef or a restaurant owner, it is vital that after lengthy busy periods that the fan unit is cleaned. The regular inspection of your kitchen’s fan can have many benefits that go beyond merely removing grease and smoke from the air around the kitchen.
The benefits of inspecting the fan unit regularly can include:

  • Ensuring that the fan unit works efficiently,
  • Reducing grease and debris build-up,
  • Keeping hygiene risks at a lower level,
  • Making sure the risk of fire is reduced.

As you can see, damage to a kitchen’s extractor fan unit can be caused in several ways. It is also clear to see that there are many safety reasons as to why a restaurant’s extraction unit should be kept in a well-maintained, working order.

Whether your fan unit requires maintenance, repair, or complete replacement, there is no doubt that an efficient extractor unit is necessary to ensure a kitchen’s hygiene is kept to the highest of standards. Enviro FWA can help your business with its extractor fan needs in 2020.

How Can I Prevent Damage To The Extractor Unit?

with the countdown to Christmas, kitchens across Belfast and Northern Ireland will be working through one of their busiest periods of use. This is a cause for celebration for many restaurant owners as busy dining rooms with well-fed diners can mean money in the bank.

However, with a busy kitchen, there also comes the fact that it is used more. This can cause excess wear and tear on an extractor unit that may already need maintenance or repair. When our dedicated team come out to inspect the unit, we always look to see whether a repair is sufficient rather than replacing an entire unit. This is how we work to keep costs down for the clients who trust us to maintain their company.

When a kitchen is busy, it can be an excellent time to check whether your extractor unit requires a check-up by Enviro’s engineers. Looking out for:

  • A reduction of airflow around the kitchen,
  • Excess smoke build-up,
  • Increased grease deposits on walls,
  • Louder noises from the unit itself when it is on.

These small but telltale signs can help you to identify whether the unit needs maintenance or repair. By identifying these signs early, you can lessen the need for complete fan replacement and installation.

No doubt regularly maintaining your business’ extractor fan unit is beneficial for costs as well as productivity in the kitchen. Enviro FWA’s engineering team ensure that all work is carried out to the highest of standards and can work outside of business hours for maintenance, repair, and installation of fan units.

There is no need for your professional kitchen to go into the New Year with an inefficient extractor unit. Call Enviro FWA and let us maintain the health of your kitchen’s fan unit today.

enviro fwa belfast northern ireland uk contact us

By preventing damage to your kitchen’s extractor fan with regular maintenance, you can delay any costly replacement bills or fees. Why not enquire about Enviro FWA’s extractor fan maintenance packages today?

What Is Included When An Extractor Fan In Replaced?

Our extensive range of business relationships means that we have work with kitchens, restaurants, and hotels throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland. The contacts we have made, developed, and grown over the years have helped us become the trusted maintenance service we are today.

When our team come to inspect the extraction unit, sometimes a unit repair can be all that is required. This can keep costs down for your business and also make sure that new extractor fan units are only installed when they are needed. This can give business owners peace of mind to know that Enviro FWA work to high standards of honesty and integrity.

When your business call Enviro FWA, our engineering team ensure that all work is carried out to the highest levels. Our engineers work to make sure:

  • Tasks are completed to TR-19 standards,
  • There is minimum disruption to your business,
  • Installations include a risk assessment and method statement,
  • All staff are kept safe throughout the installation of the extraction unit.

Our teams can also liaise with architects, specifiers, and contractors to make sure that regulations are passed and costs for your business are kept down. This method of working means that Enviro FWA is trusted by those who have built up a professional relationship with us throughout the years.

If your business needs a new extractor unit, call us today to see how we can make sure your kitchen is in working order for the year ahead.

enviro fwa extractor fan installation and replacement belfast northern ireland

After our Enviro FWA engineers have finished working with your extractor fan, you will not believe the difference. Call our offices in Warrenpoint to find out more about our packages today.

Enviro FWA are specialists in extractor fan unit maintenance, repair, and installation across Northern Ireland and the South of Ireland. We are proud of the relationships we have made and developed with businesses in places including Belfast, Armagh, Ballymena, and Bangor.

With 2020 on the horizon, your business is in safe hands when you work with our company. The office staff are eager and ready to take your call to book a service with Enviro FWA today. There is no doubt that once you choose us as your maintenance service partner, you will not need to look anywhere else.

If you are considering an extractor fan unit service, maintenance, repair, or replacement in the coming months or a grease extraction clean to TR19 regulations is required , contact our office team today. Let’s start a working relationship today that will be strong for many years to come.

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