Legionella bacteria can be found in natural water systems.. However it is rare for people to becoming infected from natural water systems, outbreaks usually occur from specifically built water systems.

Certain conditions stimulate growth such as heat and dirt within the water storage tanks, spa pools, hot water systems, not only in commercial premises but also domestic premises also. Enviro FWA specialize in Legionella Risk Assessments Northern Ireland.


Legionella Risk Assessments Northern Ireland

Your Legal Responsibility

Current regulations known as the “Control of Substances Hazardous to Health” (COSHH) state that owners and operators of all commercial premises have a legal obligation to control the risk of legionella bacteria within their water systems.


  • Obtain a Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Legionella Risk Managment Programme
  • Implement and Manage Precautions
  • Keep all records


How Can Enviro Fire Water & Air Help?

The risk assessments is usually carried out as a part of our legionella risk management programme that which will help manage the risk of Legionnaires’ disease. Our Risk assessments have been developed in accordance with the guidelines and recommended practices issued by the UK Health & Safety Executive L8 and the Health and Safety Commission (HSC). A risk assessment will have a significant impact on reducing liability should any problems occur. Following a site survey, our qualified and experienced risk assessor will produce a comprehensive report.


The legionella risk assessment report will identify any risks as well as any remedial action necessary to meet current standards and legal requirements. The report will also include a schematic drawing of your water system and a guide to complying with the Associated Code of Practice (ACOP L8).