Grease Filter Cleaning Northern Ireland

We are now offering a filter cleaning service throughout Northern Ireland, to allow commercial kitchens to operate more smoothly. How many hours per week do you spend cleaning dirty filters? We can save you time and money via our filter laundry service. We design your program on an individual basis, ensuring no downtime for your kitchen.

Why do i need my filters professionially cleaned?

  • Increased fire hazard. The London Fire Brigade, stats suggest that there are at least 10 fires a week, alone in London as a result of filters not being maintained.
  • When filters are not maintained it can not only increase the temperature within the kitchen, it can also lead to equipment failure, increasing the risk of fire.
  • Safety regulations must be applied when removing filters from the canopy. If the filter is not removed correctly it may not only damage equipment it may also harm personnel.
  • Incorrectly fitted filters will increase your kitchen extraction clean yearly spend, as there will be a bigger build up off grease.


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Grease Filter Cleaning Northern IrelandGrease Filter Cleaning Northern Ireland

How often should I get it done?

There is no set answer, we design programmes to suit each individual client. Regular servicing can depend on how many hours the kitchen is in use and also what equipment is being using within the kitchen. We take filters away from your premises, clean using professional chemicals and replace them during the close of business, therefore it will not effect your operations.

We clean for all different forms of grease filters including stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, baffle or mesh filters.

Enviro FWA specialise in cleaning and maintaining grease filters in Northern Ireland including Belfast, Armagh, Bangor, Newry, Ballymena. For more information regarding our Grease Filter Cleaning Service in Northern Ireland click here.

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