Preparation is Key

As lockdown lingers on, we are all actively thinking about the necessary steps clinicians within the beauty industry will have to take in order to adhere to Government rules and regulations to ensure the safety of employees and clients during this pandemic. Enviro Fire Water & Air Limited are the exclusive distributors of the Ozone Generator Units throughout Ireland. This most effective method of sterilisation is globally recognised and utilised to combat and control the spread of COVID-19.

Ozone Generator Unit

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a comprehensive process used to effectively sterilise your premises because it is a naturally allotype of Oxygen. It is highly effective at destroying viruses, bacteria, pathogens, moulds and odours. Whilst some strains of bacteria/virus can develop resistance to certain chemical disinfectants, they cannot develop resistance to Ozone. This procedure ensures that all areas of a room are decontaminated from the floor to the ceiling and all areas of the room as the gas omitted surrounds all surfaces.

Why Sterilising is important for the Beauty industry?

Although this method of sterilisation is effective for all industries and private premises/ accommodation, it is important for the beauty industry for the following reasons.

• Ozone eliminates the need for any beautician to have to additionally disinfect their premises themselves. As the Ozone chemical diffuses around the perimeter of the room, it sterilises absolutely everything within that room, including uniforms that are hanging up, equipment, products and all touching points.

• When beauticians can re-open their premises, there will be high expectations by the public to adhere to the standards of Government guidelines as well as meeting immense levels of demand for their services after lockdown. Ozone is time & cost effective and can provide you with the security of knowing that you have taken the recommended steps to ensure sanitisation of your premises.

Hair Beauty Enviro Package

Hygiene Rental Package

As your salon will encounter many people, it is important to note that anyone infected could potentially contaminate your premises which is why Enviro FWA advise regular sterilisations of your premises. We understand that in doing so, costs can multiply which is not ideal after months without trading. Enviro Fire Water & Air Limited recognise this strain and can now offer Ozone unit rental opportunities for as little as £100 per month! Enviro FWA’s Hygienists will train you on the procedure and will inform you how long the ozone generator needs to be activated for within your premises which allows you to sanitise as often as you like at times that suit you best.

With so much fear surrounding this pandemic, Enviro FWA are confident that by utilising Ozone technology customers and clients will recognise your concern for public safety and will feel at ease entering your premises for treatments.

It is important to note that other steps to prevent COVID-19 must be taken, such as good hygiene of clients entering premises which is why Enviro Fire Water & Air Limited also have Hygiene Stations that are available to purchase and position at the front of your premises. These Hygiene Stations aim to prevent contamination of bacteria as they are operational via a foot pump – eliminating the need to touch the structure. There are different colour options available to ensure you Hygiene Station fits in perfectly with the look of your salon (Cream, Grey, Blue). The Hygiene Stations also vary in capacity, they are available to hold 2LT and 5LT of hand sanitiser and are compatible with all brands. Enviro FWA are able to supply clients with Hand & Touch Point Sanitiser that has been lab tested against killing viruses including Coronavirus on hands as well as surface areas.

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All these services can be combined into a hygiene package and price can be determined with your sales operative. If you wish to avail of these services as precautionary measures for your business, Contact Michelle today!