Baffle filters are found within the canopy system in commercial kitchens above fryers and cooking ranges. They extract air and improve air flow within the kitchen, baffle filters can also provide extra protection. Baffle filters reduce a build-up of grease within the system, reducing the risk of fire. They also reduce the build-up of ladens of grease within the duct work system, not only improving hygiene within the kitchen but also improving the efficiency of the fan.

Baffle filters must be cautiously installed, in order to have the correct air flow within the kitchen, finding the correct size is vital to ensure that the balance of the exhaust system will not be compromised. The size of canopy and the equipment installed within the kitchen will impact on the size of the baffle filter needed. They are designed to remove large parts of the grease before entering the duct work system.

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Baffle Canopy Filter
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