Under article 9 of The Energy Performance of Buildings certificates and Inspections Regulations 2007;

All air conditioning systems with an effective output over 12kw have to carry out independent TM44 inspections of their systems including cooling towers, condensers, coolers and their controls, by an accredited energy assessor.

Carrying out TM44 air conditioning inspections improve efficiency by reducing energy consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions

Enviro will provide a detailed TM44 report after the TM44 survey is completed

If your air conditioning system has an output of more than 12kw it must be regular inspected by an accredited air conditioning engineer, with TM44 frequency inspections to be within 5 years of each other. 

Every system that has been installed on or after January 2008 has to be inspected within the first 5 years from the installation date. Not all air conditioning systems are affected by these TM44 regulations, however if you have an effective rated output of more than 12kw you have to ensure your air conditioning units are inspected, even if the individual units are less than 12kw but have a combined effective rated output of more than 12kw.

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