If a global pandemic has taught us one thing over the last eighteen months, bacteria, viruses and diseases can be deadly, can spread quickly and are stubbornly resistant to a lot of the standard protective measures.

After growing up watching doomsday virus films like Outbreak and Contagion – it’s hard to believe that we’re currently living through a global pandemic. 


We’ve watched in horror as national lockdown after lockdown closed businesses around the world, shut down schools and left city centres like a ghost town, but, pandemics aside, there are a wide variety of hidden dangers lurking in every commercial, educational and healthcare premises and while they might not have the same level of disruption as Covid-19, they can cause huge issues.


However, many of those issues are preventable, assuming you carry out a regular schedule of preventative action.


So, how can you minimise the risk of airborne bacteria and viruses?

Thankfully, the answer is inexpensive and hassle-free: sterilising the air in your premises. 

Why you need to sterilise the air in your premises?

While hand sanitiser, temperature checks and face masks have been shown to achieve some success, they’re not ideal for tackling airborne viruses.


Whether your premises is a commercial site, school, healthcare building, hospitality site or something else, sterilising the air in your premises achieves several important objectives.


Firstly, with airborne illnesses like Covid-19, tiny droplets of the virus are passed through the air.


As a result, people can inhale or make contact with these little invisible droplets and become sick, depleting your workforce, creating chaos and loss of revenue.


And that’s where air sterilisation earns its keep; by removing airborne viruses and bacteria before they become an issue.


Secondly, regular air sterilisation prevents viruses and bacteria from having the right environment to spread, mutate and cause illness.


Lockdown and social distancing rules are being eased worldwide.


The responsibility for implementing preventative actions now rests increasingly on the shoulders of those who manage buildings that house employees or welcome customers.


Thirdly, sterilising the air in your premises demonstrates your commitment to staff and customers; that you take their health and wellbeing seriously.

After all, despite vaccine success, many people are still fearful of contracting diseases like Covid-19.


More are worried too about bringing the virus home to vulnerable and immuno-suppressed family members more susceptible to the worst of the virus.


In addition, while the UK and Ireland have enjoyed relative success with first and second vaccines, the worry about long-Covid is ever-present.


It can still affect younger people who haven’t been prioritised for first and second jabs.


Ultimately, investing in a high-quality air filtration system shows staff and customers that you’ll take all the necessary steps to protect them from nasty viruses and bacteria.


Finally, sterilising the air in your premises is much more successful than the manual cleaning of buildings.


That’s because bacteria and disease don’t follow apparent patterns and can develop in places that aren’t always simple to physically clean.


This is why businesses that invest in air sterilisation benefit from saving time and money while achieving incredible anti-viral results.

6 proven benefits of sterilising air in your premises with Enviro FWA’s UVGI Cassette Vent Air Disinfectant System


1. Effective against Coronavirus and Covid-19


Enviro FWA’s UVGI technology delivers a 99%+ disinfection rate against the transmission of airborne infections, including the Coronavirus family of viruses and Covid-19.


2. Prevents nasty viruses and diseases


Regularly sterilising the air in your premises has been shown to prevent viruses and bacteria from having the right environment to spread.


The UVGI Cassette Vent Air Disinfectant System kills 99.93% of viruses and bacteria.


Even more impressively, the filtration system enjoys an 89.1% formaldehyde removal rate.


Ultimately, where virus and disease are concerned, prevention is better than the cure.


3. Keep everyone safe


The sterilisation of the air in your premises provides the best opportunity to ensure viruses don’t infect and affect your staff and customers.


As we’ve seen with Covid-19 cases closing down huge factories and schools, keeping people safe can be an intelligent solution now so you can avoid the enormous costs incurred for losing an entire workforce for an extended period.

4. Easy Integration

There’s no need for an infrastructure overhaul when you’re implementing air filtration systems.


The UVGI filtration system can be easily and quickly integrated into any suspended ceiling in almost any setting.


That means it’s a hassle-free solution with minimal disruption.


5. Changes the air on an hourly basis to keep the air clean


The UVGI filtration system removes airborne bacteria and pathogens, protecting people in the area around the clock.


With the system being ‘always on’, you’ll benefit from the peace of mind knowing that you’re doing everything possible to keep your staff and customers safe


 6. Contaminated air is cleaned

Contaminated air passes through the filtration and through the UVGI light.


The UVGI light treats the air before returning it to the workspace free from viruses and bacteria.



Unsurprisingly, clean air has dominated the public agenda since Covid-19 made its first appearance in Wuhan, China, towards the end of 2019. Clean air means avoiding nasty viruses and bacteria, but it also means taking control of your premises to ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep your staff and customers safe.


Air filtration has been shown time and again to be exceptionally effective in reducing and almost eliminating the threats posed by the most common viruses. Covid-19 and other viruses are still mutating and causing havoc in premises throughout the UK and Ireland.


As a result, investing in a high-quality air filtration system like Enviro FWA’s UVGI Cassette Vent Air Disinfectant System is a wise choice that’ll keep on paying for itself over time with clean air and safe workspaces.


Are you ready to take control of your air?


Enviro FWA’s ECGI Cassette Vent Air Disinfectant Systems are made specifically to be fitted into suspended ceilings.


If you’ve got other requirements, the good news is we have several options available – reach out to us today!