Legionella Risk Assessments: How Enviro FWA Can Help You

Enviro FWA’s Legionella Risk Assessments can help eliminate the possibility of staff or customers falling ill in your commercial business. Read on to see how.


Legionella Risk Assessments make up a vital area of all commercial premises risk management planning. With water systems being present in all schools, hotels, cafes, and restaurants, the proper protocols must be followed to minimise the risk of spreading legionella bacteria.

While it is rare for customers and staff to fall ill with the legionella bacteria, certain conditions can stimulate the growth of the bacteria. Therefore, making the chances of infection more likely.

Enviro FWA specialise in Legionella Risk Assessments across a multitude of sectors and businesses within Northern Ireland. We work with many clients across Northern Ireland, including Belfast, Newry, Londonderry, Lisburn, and Portadown.

Read the blog article to see how Enviro FWA can help you, and your business prepare for legionella risk assessments in 2020. Our trained engineers are ready to produce your comprehensive report today.

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Enviro FWA’s experienced Legionella risk assessors are used to working with clients across a multitude of sectors in Northern Ireland.


What Is Legionella?

Legionella is a bacteria that can cause the respiratory disease, Legionnaire’s. There are several other lesser illnesses that the Legionella bacteria can cause. However, the potentially fatal Legionnaire’s disease is the infection that customers and staff are most at risk of.

The Legionella bacteria is a waterborne infection that is commonly found in water tanks, spa pools, hot water systems, in the home as well as commercial business. This is the reason why Legionella Risk Assessments are vital to ensuring that the water systems within a company are kept free of the Legionella bacteria.

Those who are most at risk of falling ill with the Legionella bacteria are the elderly and those with weakened immune systems or health conditions. If you run a commercial restaurant or a business frequented by those most at risk, it is crucial to have up to date Legionella Risk Assessments, and Enviro FWA can help you tick all the boxes.


Legionella Risk Assessments Ireland

Make sure to get a clean bill of health on your next Legionella Risk Assessment with Enviro FWA. Find out how we can help you pass with flying colours.


Legionella Risk Assessments And You

Commercial premises have to adhere to regulations laid out in Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH). The regulations state that those who own a commercial business have an obligation to control the risks associated with Legionella bacteria within their tanks and water systems.

Those businesses need to ensure that they:

  • Obtain a Legionella Risk Assessment,
  • Have a Legionella Risk Management Programme in place,
  • Plan to implement and manage recommended precautions,
  • Keep record of all works carried out within the premises.

These guidelines are put in place to ensure that the public are kept safe in relation to any contact with water systems and the risk of Legionella bacteria. The recommendations for Legionella Risk Assessments state that they should be carried out every two years. However, healthcare premises may be carried out annually due to the fact that the elderly are exposed to the risks of Legionella and are at more prone to infection.

If you run a commercial business that is in need of a Legionella Risk Management overhaul, Enviro FWA are specialists in the auditing of all types of cafe, restaurant, hotels and healthcare premises. Now that you know where you stand, let us have your back today.

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Regulations state that owners and operators of all commercial premises have a legal obligation to control the risk of legionella bacteria within their water systems.


Enviro FWA’s Legionella Risk Management Programme

The Enviro FWA Risk Management Programme is recommended for all commercial and healthcare companies who want to ensure their business is in the best place for Legionella management in their water systems. The rigorous testing that our assessors carry out will keep your staff and customers healthy in 2o20.

When we compile our Legionella Risk Assessments, they are developed using the recommended best practices from the UK Health & Safety Executive L8 and the Health and Safety Commission (HSC). This means that the assessors who carry out the risk assessment do so to the highest of standards.

By arranging for Enviro FWA to carry out your Legionella Risk Assessment, you will significantly lower your chances of being liable if any issues occur within your commercial premises. Our assessors carry out a site survey and, once the assessment has been completed, you will be provided with a comprehensive report.

You will be able to note:

  • Any risks associated with Legionella bacteria,
  • Remedial action that may be required as a result of the report,
  • Where your business’ water systems stand concerning current standards,
  • A schematic drawing of your premises’ water system, and,
  • A guide to how to comply with the ACOP (L8).

The standards that we at Enviro FWA set out are second to none. There is no doubt that you are your business will be in the best place to move through the coming months and years with your Legionella Risk Assessment. 

By being proactive in 2020, you will be one step ahead of any possible issues that may arise in relation to Legionella bacteria. We understand that businesses need to provide the best possible service for their customers. This means that we can work with you to ensure that all work is carried out at a time that is convenient for you and your staff.

At Enviro FWA, we work with you to stay one step ahead of the rest. Call our team today in Warrenpoint to see how we can prepare your next Legionella Risk Assessment programme.


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Legionella risk assessments are carried out as part of Enviro FWA’s legionella risk management programme. Call us to see how we can help you today.


The risks of Legionella bacteria in the water systems of commercial restaurants, cafes, hotels and healthcare premises are inevitable when it comes to built-in water systems. With convenience comes the need to manage the risk of infection and Enviro FWA are experts in the field of Legionella Risk Assessments.

Our expert team of risk assessors have seen it all and are dedicated to ensuring your business meets all the required regulations and legislation. We are proud of how our engineers and assessors go the extra mile and help all of our clients achieve their goals in 2020 and beyond.

Being industry leaders in Fire, Water, and Air maintenance services, our company pride ourselves on how we build and maintain relationships with our clients across Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the mainland UK. By working with us, you can be safe in the knowledge that your company’s fire, water, and air needs are taken care of.

Contact the staff at Enviro FWA today to get a free quote for your commercial business. Our experienced risk assessors will help your business meet and surpass the regulations set out by Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH). With Enviro FWA on your side, you and your customers will be legionella free in 2020.


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