Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Enviro FWA specialise in commercial kitchen duct Cleaning in Northern Ireland. Enviro FWA are based in Warrenpoint outside Newry allowing us to cover the North and South of Ireland. We cover a wide range of areas in Northern Ireland including Belfast, Newry, Derry, Coleraine, Ballymena, Lisburn, Ballymoney, Newcastle, Omagh.

Why get your Kitchen Ducts Cleaned?

The greatest potential fire risk in buildings with catering facilities comes from the accumulation of grease-laden deposits in extract ventilation systems. Grease extract ductwork often stretches through the entire length of a building reaching to a roof level exhaust, so uncleaned ductwork can put not only the occupants at risk from fire but also the whole premises. We can provide you with a full detailed report.

Do you know your Legal OBLIGATION?

The Fire Safety Order requires owners and managers of buildings to ensure the Grease Extract Ventilation System is included in the Fire Risk Assessment. Further to this action must be taken to eliminate any potential risk to building occupants from potentially fire hazardous grease deposits in the ducting. The BESA Association provides TR19 guidelines which we adhere to, this allows us to meet industry standards.


Not just a fire risk…

Although filters in canopies help trap some grease particles it is inevitable that some grease-laden air will pass through, allowing grease deposits to cool and settle on the internal surfaces of the ductwork. Apart from the fire risk, the accumulation of grease in the kitchen extract system reduces ventilation efficiency by restricting the movement of extracted air, resulting in over-heating, excessive humidity, possible failure to remove noxious fumes from gas-burning appliances and a continuing source of unwanted odours which can permeate the rest of the building.

How often should I get my extract system cleaned?

Section 7 of TR/19 (Specific Considerations for Kitchen Extract Systems) provides specific guidance on how often systems should be cleaned.  The need for specialist cleaning of extract systems will depend on the level of usage of the cooking equipment, types and quantity of cooking and other risk factors such as vulnerability of the system to ignition and of the building and its occupants / users to system fire, hygiene, vermin and mechanical hazards.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning Northern Ireland

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kitchen duct cleaning northern Ireland


kitchen duct cleaning northern Ireland